Human Search provide incredibly extensive procedures and concentrate on the specific requirements of your firms and industries on a wide range of jobs and sectors thanks to our strategic searching methodology: Market Intelligence, Industry mapping and Result driven.

Industry mapping


Human Search identify and analyze client’s needs by taking brief ideas and understanding hiring requirements from clients. Also, we conduct research on client’s industry and identify the target candidate pool. Advertisements, internal and external databases, social media, recommendations, and networking are all applied to source our candidates. The next step is to approach potential candidates. Candidates who most closely match the job requirements will be sent to the customer for additional evaluation.

Result driven

Human Search is well-equipped to make hiring for your company easier while still being more productive, and by doing so, reduce the stress that such worries may put on a company. In our selection process, interviews and assessments are took place due to our clients and candidates’ schedules. Candidate care and client follow up is done. After all, a hiring decision is made based on our industry information and collaboration between clients data and our insight on the industry to have an overview look. We will repeat the process should there be no one suitable.

Functions we support


  • General Management: CEO, CFO, CIO.
  • HR &Administration.
  • Legal, Compliance & Risk Management.
  • Accounting/ Finance
  • Sales.
  • Marketing & Communication.
  • Supply Chain & Transportation.
  • Technical/ Engineering/ Production.

Sectors industry searching

  • Finance, Banking and Investment
  • Telecom, Media and Technology
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Service
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Consumer Goods
  • Beauty, Personal Care
    and Health Care