Why choosing Human Search 

Human Search’s prime focus is to build and foster relationships with our Clients, maintain in-depth and mutual understandings as well as deliver optimal matching outcomes to you with precise services and capabilities.

Human Search has built an enviable reputation based on service, quality and value for delivering human capital solutions for firms and organizations and making perfect employment opportunities accessible to potential talents and candidates in Vietnam.

Regarding our headhunting experience, Human Search offers our Clients a comprehensive range of competitive fields including Finance, Banking and Investment, Telecom, Media and Technology, Industrial & Manufacturing, Service, Real Estate, Retail, Consumer Goods, Beauty, Personal Care and Health Care. 

Join us – Being a part of Human Search

Contact; Ms. Hani, Director of Executive Search & Selection.
Cell phone: 09 79 39 57 86
Email: hani@humansearch.vn


Human Search seek to become one of the most effective HR Development solutions providers and efficient talent headhunting agencies for firms in the scope of Vietnam and South-East Asia.


The A individual figure remains the denotation of our A quality services supply to you A potential human resources with A competent professional candidates. The intertwined letter N serves as an inspiration implying us – you and Human Search – share a common sense of craving for a mutual combination of fruitful business cooperation!